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Applications Moodagent create playlists music as you wish

Moodagent playlist creator

Applications Moodagent create playlists music as you wish

Along with the increasing popularity of the International Android in mobile phone market, making the software developers also take advantage of these opportunities exist. Moodagent is one of the mobile application of the most widely used current and best news is that these applications can already run on the Android OS.

Moodagent very useful to help mobile phone users to organize and create playlists of favorite music so it does not need to vote again every wanted to play music. One of the advantages of Moodagent is where you can make music playlists based on mood that mobile phone users, there has been provided some kind of mood choices like Happy, Sensual, Angry, tender, and Tempo.

Other than that the music track can also be locked so that the possibility of unwanted songs can not be entered into the playlist. In addition. This application has the choice of regulatory Based on the desired number of pieces in which playlists can be set based on the quota of 10 songs, 25 songs or 50 songs. To get this application is officially estimated to cost $ 5 to wear it or the user can use for free, but advertising will be inserted every run this application.

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