Jumat, 18 Juni 2010

Tiger KF-338

Model and the price is almost similar with few rivals. Overall the facilities were almost identical, both in terms of multimedia and the community. But, Tiger KF-338 already provides FM radio with internal antenna, and thus no longer have to plug the headset when to activate this entertainment facility. Barely there, KF-338 was carrying a flashlight feature, with the support of five LED lights. Result, the flames could be far brighter than the same facility in another phone class.

Main specifications:

GSM-GSM; transverse TFT LCD screen, 2 inches; camera, video, sms, mms, GPRS, WAP, microSD card slot; polyphonic (MP3), QWERTY keypad, MP3/MP4/3GP player, FM radio, flashlight with 5 LED, chat applications, Facebook, Yahoo! Messenger, eBuddy, games, speakerphone.


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