Kamis, 27 Mei 2010

Esia Connect C2823

Spawn cheap products are still one of the characteristics Esia in marketing its services. The proof, amid the hustle and bustle of central QWERTY phones so the trend, these CDMA operators stay out low-end product cheaper and lighter in the pocket. This time turn Esia C2823 Connect which was released to the market. Continue to rely on access to social networking sites as well as special chat service called Esia Messenger. Counter products such as, ZTE S130 Chats and Esia Flexi My style NX 982.

Main Specifications:

CDMA 1X 800MHz, 65,000 color display, 500 phonebook, 500 sms, speakerphone, polyphonic ringtones, Facebook, Esia Messenger,, Esia shop.


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